Flashing necklace
  • Number£ºTC-Q027
  • Name£ºFlashing necklace
  • QTY£º500pcs
  • Net weight£º6.5kg
  • Gross weight£º7.5kg
  • Capacity£º1PCS/OPP
  • Texture of material£ºps
  • Carton size£º36*31*21cm
  • Product size£º
  • Product description:

(1)Pendant size: can be customized size
(2)Pendant shape: according to customer requirements customize any shape,
(3) Xiang Lian Flash: According to customer requirements design color LED conventional red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white, pink, green
(4) flash mode: Always colorful change flash
(5) Power supply: Product can be 3 * AG3, 3 * AG10, 2 * CR1620 power supply, and can be replaced at any time, if the customer has other requirements, but also other types of battery powered
6 Switch: There are two ways: First, through the magnetic contact, the product began to supply. IC control accessories, buttons began to supply
Xiang Lin accessories: pendant can be with the different rope, can also be used with a key chain, change into LED Keychain

Scope of products:
The products are unique and novel flash to play a distinctive role in the performance of the product, it be used for a wide range of promotional activities for a variety of business, merchants who promote the company image, company's products to promote the ideal choice. The other has also been widely used for a variety of Party, a variety of sporting events, a variety of large-scale concerts and large enterprise business activities of the souvenir. Has a good collection and remember the value.